About cookies

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To optimize the site and for continuous improvement, the site uses cookies. By continuing to use the site, you consent to the use of cookies.

Throughout the site, cookies and similar technologies are used to create an optimized and user-friendly experience. Cookies refer to HTML5 web storage and locally shared objects, such as registering user preferences, this helps us to optimize and improve the design of the web page.

Cookies are small files stored on the device used to display a website. Cookies are the only ones from your device that have been identified. Your personal information is only stored in a cookie file if you have consented or if the use is necessary for technical purposes, for example when you log into a personal account.

By continuing to use our site, you consent to the use and storage of cookies on your device. You have the opportunity to view the website without using cookies, however, the necessary functionality will not be available. For example, you will not be able to add items to the shopping cart.

By default, most browsers automatically accept cookies. However, the option is to prevent cookies from being stored on your device. Instructions for preventing the use of cookies are in the manual of your browser or device. You can delete cookies stored on your end device at any time.

We categorize cookies as follows:

Necessary (type 1)

These types of cookies are necessary for the components and features of the website to function properly.

Functional (type 2)

These types of cookies allow us to activate the correct language versions and functionality on the website to present the appropriate language and content. In addition, these types of cookies allow us to measure the usability and functionality of the site so that we can better modify to the preference and create more user-friendliness.

Performance (type 3)

These types of cookies allow us to gather information about how our site is used, any errors that occur and help us monitor the performance of the site. These cookies do not collect any personal information about the visitor but only information about the interaction with our website.

Third party (type 4)

These cookies are installed by third parties, e.g. social networks. Their main purpose is to integrate with social media content, such as social plugins or ads.

.pipeline.sessionAssigns an anonymized session ID to your browser during your visit to combine multiple related requests and assign them to the same session. For example, this is necessary to keep track of your shopping cart.1, 2
.pipeline.cultureContains information about which language the page is displayed.1, 2
.pipeline.cookiesThis cookie is used to store information about the user who is currently logged in. This is necessary to be able to provide customer accounts.1, 2
ai_session och ai_userThese cookies are provided by Microsoft Azure Application Insights. It allows us to measure and analyze how the site is used. We use this information to better understand our users and to help optimize our servers and serve data usage.3
_fbp, fr och trThis cookie is provided by Facebook. It helps us measure the results of our various campaigns through Facebook Ads.
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