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Now we finally fly!

Finally, ZooIngvar has looked out from his nest, standing at the cliff edge, flung himself out into the unknown, unfurled his wings and taken his first wing beats into cyberspace. As with all beginners, as for ZooIngvar, it may mean that you can experiens problems at the start. Despite many test flights, some problems with the website can only be detected afterwards. We will make our best to make everything work perfectly smoothly.

På flygande återseende // ZooIngvar symbol med vänner

Our promise

We are very grateful and humble that you who have been waiting for us to get started have had such patience. We start on a smaller scale and turn mainly to bird hobby. In the long term our goal is to be able to offer things to dogs, cats, reptiles and many other animals. Our promise to you is to offer the best in bird hobby in terms of quality of customer service, feed, activation and care of your feathered loved ones. We listen to you! Tell us if you miss something in the shop. Something you may have seen abroad but not in Sweden, tell us so we can get it in the Swedish market.

Right now